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**I'm rebranding and you're the First to Know Why


In this post, I want to share some background about why I switched my name recently and the challenges faced in the process – I promise to keep it short.

My name is V4, and I am a music producer and engineer from Ohio.

All through the years, I’ve been learning, investing, and practicing to get better at beat-making, engineering, and networking. I was going strong under the name J4Beats for 4 years. But at some point in that process, I had to make a switch.

Picking a name and logo is challenging. They must be brandable, dope, and most importantly, they should reflect yourself. That process can take longer than you think. Keep reading to see how bad my first names were when I started in 2018.

Transformation of J4 & V4 Logos

“J4” had ties back to the very beginning, was branded on everything I ever did, and was even my nickname with the homies.

A few weeks ago, I decided to change my name. It wasn't because I didn't like the old one, the real reason was much more profound. I changed my name because I wanted a fresh start. I'll still be making beats and dropping bangers with new artists, but I'm also working on some solo stuff – like breaking into my YouTube channel and learning the business.

My first step was to make sure that I was 100% invested in my own brand.

I’ve had to look back to the beginning for inspiration for my new name.

“How was I brainstorming back then when I had no idea what I was doing but was just excited to be doing?” Of course, I learned a little about marketing since then too which helped.

History of the brand:

My producer name has changed a few times, especially in the beginning. Here are some of the first names that I came up with (that were all terrible).

· Blowfish Beats
· Eyezlow Beats
· Jay
· Blueman Beats

I landed on V4 because it is something I think I can still be happy with in 10 years. Thinking long-term here. I dropped the ‘Beats’ at the end of my name, but it didn’t change all that much. The impact will be clearer moving forward.

To all that I have worked with, I promise things will only be improving.

Keep making music.

Cheers. V4 🪂

Next Post: The BIGGEST Reason I started Making Beats 🧐 (Coming Soon)


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