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V4 - Music producer & mix engineer from Ohio.

I've been mixing & producing for several years. I've worked with over 50 artists worldwide for both.

Thanks for checking out the page! You'll find beats, production tools, mixing, and more on

If you're an artist, I'll do my best to help elevate your music. You can find several albums-worth of beats and mixing & mastering on this site.


New stuff is constantly dropping, whether it's my beat packs like LOFi SZN 1 or a free beat template for Logic Pro producers. 

I'm always looking to make music with new artists and producers. Shoot me a message above.


V4Sounds - Contact & More | Producer, Vocal Mix Engineer
dope bedroom_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


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Questions for Ya Single

October 2023

Artist Name: tneg

Production Credits (x1)

Tim - Please Forgive Me Pt. 2 (2023)

Please Forgive Me Pt. 2 Album

May 2023

Artist Name: Tim Roberts

Production Credits (x7)

Engineering Credits (x16)

Executive Produced 

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 3.59.15 AM.png

When it Bleeds Through - Album

March 2023

Artist Name: Rex Trenton

Engineering Credits (x11)

Cameron Seaton - Hold a Feeling (2022)

Hold a Feeling - Single

May 2022

Artist Name: Cameron Seaton

Engineering Credits (x1)

Tim - Therapy Session (2022)

Therapy Session EP - Album

February 2022

Artist Name: Tim Roberts

Production Credits (x5)

Engineering Credits (x5)

Executive Produced ✰

Ami - Drowning Deeper (2022)

Drowning Deeper - Single

February 2022

Artist Name: 'ami

Engineering Credits (x1)

Trent Washer - Antidote (2021)

Antidote - Single

December 2021

Artist Name: Rex Trenton

Engineering Credits (x1)

Tim Roberts - Soar (2021)

Soar - Single

November 2021

Artist Name: Tim Roberts ft. Ace Maxamillion

Production Credits (x1)

Engineering Credits (x1)

Tim - From the Heart (2021)

From the Heart - Album

July 2021

Artist Name: Tim Roberts

Production Credits (x7)

Engineering Credits (x7)

Executive Produced ✰

Schwifty McFly - Beach Vibes 1.5 (2020)

Beach Vibes 1.5 - Album

September 2020

Artist Name: Schwifty McFly

Production Credits (x5)

Executive Produced ✰

Aye1Dre - YNL (2020)

Young N' Livin - Album

August 2020

Artist Name: Aye1 Dre

Engineering Credits (x1)

Tim - Please Forgive Me Pt. 1 (2020)

Please Forgive Me Pt. 1 - Album

May 2020

Artist Name: Tim Roberts

Production Credits (x4)

Paully J - Lover's Soliloquy (2020)

Lover's Soliloquy - Single

February 2020

Artist Name: Paully J feat. Middle Child

Engineering Credits (x1)

JSpitaa - East Side Vibes (2019)

East Side Vibes - Album

December 2019

Artist Name: Jspitaa

Production Credits (x9)

Engineering Credits (x9)

Executive Produced ✰

Vince Nerone - Genuine Article (2019)

The Genuine Article - Album

May 2019

Artist Name: Vince Nerone

Production Credits (x1)

Others not listed

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